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Mozilla Firefox 27 Full Version Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 27 Full Version Free Download


According to what was anticipated just a few months after delivery of the software version 4 of Mozilla Firefox, the company changed its policy during a few weeks of a version of popular browsers generated. The new version has recently been proposed and is expected in the next few weeks the next edition arrives. Mozilla, you should see the new policy will lead to a more successful company or not.
Mozilla was over long ago predicted that he was going to improve the speed and efficiency of the many changes in the browser interface to allow users with an interface strength and quality in addition to more attractive than surf on the Internet, according to forecasts, this version is the same as what is already due to multiple photos in this version on display were presented. New version of the consistency of a very special processing engine renders a different language is a very high speed and it will load the pages for users who are far from the relatively low rate of benefit the best news gift Was. But the most important change is that the changes to the user interface in the optimization and also improves its performance plays an important role. Better compatibility with Java and HTML code and version 5 of the points is quite remarkable that there is a new version of Firefox. Cache to which parts of the site are most consistent load quickly reopened the next time one of the most interesting points that perhaps there is a complex point, but the speed is extremely will also improve the simple act of this.
The new version of Mozilla Firefox Add-on projects and manage and set it to display and act so that users can simply plug in your own past that number in the thousands now gone further and install a The more power you could browse the web. Index DB to connect to server faster to information on the most interesting technologies that are seen in this version. Crash failure of several previous versions, there are various reasons that were seen in this version so that it can not be compared before any Crash Mozilla Firefox, or at least it is too low,. The new version has improved compared to before the Tuesday primary function is faster, easier to use and works even faster, it acts faster because it is very compatible with the Java code that is . Full compatibility with version 3 of the CSS based Web Design is a very important point for users, especially programmers and designers of the web. Information security and its management are higher quality than can be provided by the control that users have of information over the new version of the much more secure than previous versions. Will.
But one of the most important and most successful feature in this version of the browser Mozilla Foundation Fox is seen format for web video format called WebM which is of high quality and are used, This feature is very Important This allows users to easily run the online video format and high quality to sit back this format in the near future, most of which will be mentioned in addition to high quality, good size for a file In considering the course load will be much better than the other video options. For example, a video file from the Mozilla site is intended to introduce the high quality version of the image size is 1280 x 720 is less than 8 MB in size if the same high quality images to define the other the file would require a much greater volume.
New version of Mozilla Firefox is ready to download from the website easy powerful download is the continuation of the Persian version of the language was Persian for users to download.Although the new Zmabndy Mozilla is scheduled to be unveiled next version within a few months, but the new version can either take a big step to victory IE.

A key feature of the software Mozilla Firefox:
- New User Interface and can be more attractive than
- High speed loading web pages
- Has the ability Tabbed Browsing (open all pages on one page)
- High security in an insecure Internet environment.
- Jlvgbry hazards of Spy-Ware and thieves
- Preventing the opening pages of propaganda (Popup – bloker)
- Protect the privacy and security of passwords and password
- Add-on for more professional management
- Easier to use the software
- Support for HTML Version 5
- Support for version 3 CSS
- WebM video format compatibility
- Crash drastic reduction in the use of this Version
- Compatibility with exemplary JavaScript to render pages better
- Online permanent and non-stop communication socket (better run game and chat)
- Full-screen video display
- Ability to view pages already cached offline
- Cache parts of the site that are usually fixed
- High flexibility in dealing with different tastes Software
- Compatible with different versions of Windows, including popular Windows 7, and 8
- And …

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