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tory Play Exciting Angry Birds Bad Piggies are very different than previous versions of Angry Birds is at this time you have to pay to play role of green Piglet bad! And to protect the eggs from the Angry Birds are kidnapped and unlike in the past where you could see the Angry Birds slingshot to launch the pig launcher once you have created your own green. This time you get a chance to play with kids from another world and the evil green pigs’d love to experience that! You have several tools at your disposal in this game is to transport pigs are lazy and evil and thereby build a manned balloon flight that you make to their cars or by Atashin the speeds are much engines Top of the valleys and jump the obstacles. If you already fantastic game, Alex has played Angry Birds, you can simply pass a 60-point game in your success at this game to the pigs of the green correct Make Sort fixtures trigon, 30 new and exciting stage of the game you will unlock.

A key feature of the game Bad Piggies:
- graphics and three-dimensional images with good composition cheerful colors
- 60 stages with different difficulty levels.
- More than 33 units to move pigs
- 30 different puzzle games
- Suitable for all ages
- Size is very convenient to all amenities
- Compatible with different versions of Windows , including popular Windows 7
- And …

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